Agreement For Furnished House

2. The premises described are furnished to include all the equipment on the list of equipment that is part of the lease agreement, signed and dated by both parties. H. not to submit, assign or share them with the property of the building and furniture or part of it; B. To keep all exterior parts of the building in laudable repair. Perhaps a plethora of policies or promises include the treaty. For example, who is responsible if the pipes explode? Who is held responsible for floods or other? It`s bail. A registered number would be included in the agreement. Mr. After the expiry or the old determination of the lease, to deliver the peaceful and free possession of the building and the furniture as a whole with all the improvements, if ever, without the right to compensation of this account. A.

If the monthly rent or part of it, to be paid as is, is late for a period of three months or if one of the alliances and provisions it contains and by the tenant is not respected and executed by the tenant, lessor or a person or person duly authorized in that name can terminate the lease at any time and enter the building, provided that the lease is not terminated and there is no reintroduction under the previous power; unless the landlord has received written notification to the tenant indicating the rent arrears to be paid or the indication of the obligations and conditions or conditions that must be met or implemented and the tenant has not paid the arrears of payment or rents or rents within one month of receiving this notification. F. If the landlord finds that repairs to the building and/or furniture are required, the tenant must notify the tenant of a written notification to carry out repairs in the dwelling house or furniture, and the tenant will make repairs within one month of the delivery of such a notification; 22. In the event of a breach by the tenant of one of the tenant`s agreements or agreements, the landlord or his representatives may dismiss the tenant five days in advance to remedy this offence, specifying in writing the agreements or agreements that have been violated. If an injury is not healed within five days or if reasonable healing measures are not commenced within that five-day period and after the injury is healed, until the injury is healed, the lessor or its representatives may terminate the tenancy agreement to the tenant after five days of additional termination, with this notification made instead of a notification to Quit, to which the tenant waives. This termination is inoperative if the tenant commits or begins this offence and carefully takes appropriate steps to proceed with such a healing at any time before the expiry of this five-day termination. At the end of this tenancy agreement, as provided here, the lessor or his representative may initiate proceedings against the tenant for his removal, as required by law. i.

use the building only for private residence; Non-payment does not legally give you the right to terminate your contract without affecting. Even if a tenant could be caught in default, the lessor has a binding agreement that can be held in court. 1. The landlord heresafter rents the furnished premises described above for a term – beginning with a monthly rate of________________. the .dem landlords, for one month just before the deadline, to post a relocation notification and to allow the house and furniture to be visited by potential tenants at any appropriate time during that month; A.